The real estate business marketing has changed tremendously over the past 10 years worldwide. Advanced technology in 3D virtual showcasing of real estate buildings and architect changed the basic idea of presentation. Now, we have power to show detailed project without completing the structure in real. Using high - end 3D softwares and creative conceptual ideas, we can now be more presentable. Now, the real estate property business is much more adaptable, flexible and responsive with creative team of CG Innovation, who work closeby at every stage of development with you.


We at CG Innovation, offers 3D Architectural walkthroughs and designs. These Architectural 3D Presentations act as property marketing tools even before the actual structure is built. Our creative team visualize the conceptual idea and imagination of client in the form of 3D walkthrough and designs. These presentations are extensively used by real estate builders, constructors and agents to promote their properties. Our 3D Rendering Designs help the architects to get the permission of construction and re-construction of any building. You're sure to get stunning architectural scale model that make traditional CAD drawings and hand renderings pale by comparison.


Allow CG Innovation to develop your 3D walkthrough and provide you the competitive edge in the market. The designers at CG Innovation are very innovative, experienced professionals with creativity as their driving force. We have creative professionals who are proficient with the latest designing software, and can design your presentations according to your business requirement.

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We work closely with you to transform your communication tools into real business advantages. Our goal is to increase your sales and increase the visibility of your business.

16th April, 2013
Launched Event Management website
We are proud to announce the launch of flash based creative website for a leading event management company "DreamzsDecor".
06 April, 2013
CG Innovation relocating Office
Office renovation work is in progress and we are relocating shortly to our new premises.
15th March, 2013
E-Commerce Portal
CG Innovation has launched a fully functional E-Commerce website www.whysoserious.co.in. Shop more online with unique and innovative products.