The main objective of search engine optimization is to promote your website and increase the traffic count. SEO Increases the ranking of your website very high in the search engines.

We understand the requirement of your company and helps you by providing useful SEO services related to your product, link-building, search engine marketing and other such services helps alot in increasing the ranking of your webpages, which makes you popular among your targeted customers and brings you more business.

What We Do in SEO ?

  • Keyword Phrase Research. Popular keywords are essential to success. Using the suggestions you give us and our analysis of your website, we will research your keywords against those actually used in search engine queries in order to find the most popular ones for your product or service.
  • Full analysis and optimization of your home page for highest possible search engine ranking. This includes using various techniques. We will modify your home page's hidden text, meta tags, visible text, title, etc...once the modifications are complete, the new page will need to be uploaded to your server. We will also suggest redesign of your website for optimal ranking (e.g., beautiful websites with all graphics do not rank well unless certain modifications are made).
  • Highest possible search engine placement! We use every tool available to get you in the highest results for your keywords.
  • Monthly submission to the major engines AND over 3,000 additional search resources!
  • Hand submission to top search engines and directories.
  • Free email consultation.
  • Great Price! We offer deep discounts Contact us for details.
  • We will email you throughout the optimization submission process and will create a detailed report with submission details for each engine. We always strive to place your URL in the most relevant category and in the fastest method possible.
  • Order site to get started. It only takes few minutes to register and your order will be processed as soon as possible. The earlier you submit, the sooner you will get listed.
According to an online survey, more than 70 percent of the search engine users prefer to click on the "Natural" result which comes at the main left portion of search engines. We promise to bring our client website at the top of the natural ranking position. Contact CG Innovation If you are seriously willing to see the people searching for your company.

If you're interested, please Call us at: +91 880 033 7969 or click here to request a custom proposal.



We work closely with you to transform your communication tools into real business advantages. Our goal is to increase your sales and increase the visibility of your business.

16th April, 2013
Launched Event Management website
We are proud to announce the launch of flash based creative website for a leading event management company "DreamzsDecor".
06 April, 2013
CG Innovation relocating Office
Office renovation work is in progress and we are relocating shortly to our new premises.
15th March, 2013
E-Commerce Portal
CG Innovation has launched a fully functional E-Commerce website www.whysoserious.co.in. Shop more online with unique and innovative products.