Website Development: Expand Business online

Web Development solutions have changed the way of online business production.  Portal based sites and online selling of products are very helpful for growth of your business online.

Web Development is extremely useful for both; Individual user as well as business person in terms of web access. The information contained in a web content portal is categorized into links to topics such as news, business, finance, travel, sports and more.  The information contained in a content portal is categorized into links to topics such as news, business, finance, travel, sports and more.  Also initially used by the general public for purposes such as email, public forums, search engines, online shopping and more, web portals today provide a multitude of other functions.

In this high technology rich world, the improvisation of web based portals and platforms have been increased so huge. The business world and corporate entities are fully utilizing the ultra modern online architecture programs to increase their productivity and growth. The use of web portal is very successful for business owners as well as the users or buyers. It provides such an easy and user friendly platform online to access the complete production. One can easily maintain the huge set of database records and reports etc at just few clicks and at a highly secured backend server. By using the web portals and development software’s into business and corporate world, the growth and productivity has been increased and made 100 percent profit on the graph records.

An online web portal is the solution to refine the website and enhance the applications database, search queries, business management, automatic submission of forms and queries, blogs, articles and social network.  It helps a lot in organizing the management and your customers in such an easy manner. Almost all the departments and sectors are using this technology to enhance their production and performance.

CG Innovation is having experience of providing solutions and online web architecture to the clients for advance web development platforms which further helps your business to move way ahead than your competitors. We at CG Innovation, provides you the complete guide for improvisation and implementation of your online solutions and workflow. We provide you the strategy plans and proper utilization of the plans according to your business needs.

CG Innovation web Development services includes the planning and managing the web solutions which returns maximum profit to the business. The strategy and planning differs from each business requirements and therefore, the pipeline and solutions are different according to the business corporate. We, give the best to our clients by working along with them on the development of projects step by step. Our process of providing the solutions is unique and interactive

CG Innovation has the capability to enhance your online web solutions by providing you the advanced strategy and management plans. We work hard on the architecture and requirements of the business. So that it give the fruitful results after implementation of the solution. CG Innovation offers complete solutions to all kind of business entities, weather it is small scale industry or large business corporate.


Web Development: The complete process

Web Development solutions have changed the way of online business production.  Portal based sites and online selling of products are very helpful for growth of your business online. Web Development is extremely useful for both; Individual user as well as business person in terms of web access.

You want to promote your business on wider scale, to grow the business; or you want to present simple business profile of your company online. Almost, all the business entities; be it small scale or large scale limited companies need to develop the website at certain point. Now, if you do not know the designing in Photoshop or html coding, then you need to hire some professional web designer to get the work done.

While dealing with such kind of important project, which will be purely responsible for the growth of your business. It is very necessary to understand few technical aspects; like what kind of language they will use to process your website (PHP, Java, .Net programming, CMS, backend database handling).

In this article, I will discuss some basic phase of website designing and web development process. How the pipeline exactly work out to get the final result:

Content of the website

Content of the website matters a lot for the growth of business. It reflects your business image. What all information you want to give on your website for the user to read. The services you offer, the product you manufacture and sell, about your company and business. Genuine and solid content plays an integral part for the promotion of your website. It is the role of your web designer to organize the content in such a manner that increases your productivity. But you should have some basic knowledge about:

-          What all information will be publishing in your website?

-          In how much time period you will update the information on your website; will it be frequent changes or after some long period of time. For Example, if you are designing a portfolio of your own company then your Gallery page will be updates frequently and the webpage of services offered by company will be static. Business News, Blogs, Client Updates etc will be updated in a short span of time.

Though content writing is not included in the designing part of website but these days the website designing companies offer such services to their clients by offering some charges. However, if you feel that your content will change frequently; then you need to think about it that who will make the changes on a regular basis for your website. Who will be writing articles and news updates for your business website?  Consider all these prospects and then decide the pipeline for further processing.

Wire framing

Designing a website is not all about the combination of graphic images. It is a deep process of organizing the business information in a proper manner. The designing companies do a Wire-Framing process before designing the WebPages for accurate and good results. Wire-framing is the designing and planning of a blueprint which includes all the necessary information and graphics to be added.


After the completion of complete wire framing process; the designer step into the next part of pipeline which is called Graphical Designing. It depend on the designer that how he want to proceed further; basically there are two different ways: 1) Design a frame according to company’s business nature and proceed further by the feedbacks and corrections given by client. 2) Other way is to provide 3 – 4 final designs and get the best one choose by client, with minor modifications or add on if required.

One thing you need to consider while finalizing the design is that you are looking at a standard design in a JPEG form. It is not clickable at that point of time. So, you need to discuss the mouse over, clickable functionality, rollovers etc. It is always better to discuss such things with your designer to make the things more clear.


After the completion of designing part for the website; it moves on to the development stage. It is all about programming, coding and working of functionality which comes under the development part. It is very important for you to understand that once the project move into development stage; making any changes in designing part will cost you more charges. It is easy to make the changes in designing stage. While making a minor change of design in development part can be time taking as it’s all about programming and coding.

You will find very few people who handle designing and development at their own. Mostly, the designers and developers are two different people. However, you can find the designer and developer working together in a website designing firm. It is good to make an interaction with the designer and developer to understand the work flow in a better way. In a designing company, there will be some management or person who understand your complete business requirement and get the work done with their professionally qualified designers and developers.


Once the development of website is completed, it is the time to test the functionality and linking of WebPages. For this, the website is first uploaded on a temporary server for testing the overall performance and complete functionality. You need to understand this very clearly that If, at this stage of the process; you need to make any simple minor change or adding some functionality into it, you will be charged extra for that. The testing part comes after the completion of website development. It is very important that you properly test the complete functionality of the site.


Your website is completed, it’s working perfectly fine. Now, the question comes of uploading the website on internet. Your website should be accessible on every computer via World Wide Web. You need to upload the website on a web server; which will be accessible by you with the help of FTP. It is better to discuss all this with the website designing firm. Most of the website designing firms offers domain registration and web hosting services also. Launching your website is a part of your web development process.


The role of designing company is completed after uploading the website on web server. But, if you are not able to handle the website at your own; then you need some assistance to handle the website. You should know that whom to contact if someday, your website is not working properly due to some technical glitch. It is not the part of any website designing firm to give you assistance lifelong. But, it’s always better to make a contract with your designing firm to provide you assistance while dealing with such errors.

CG Innovation is a Web-Development services provider company managed by professionals whose focus is to devise an endless rapport with their clients to serve the way there business wants.


Website Designs : Unique and Impressive

There are more than 300 Million websites available on the internet.  It is very important for your website to stand out from other websites.  How can you build a website which will inspire your audience in such a way which further improves your business market. There are so many questions arises in your mind while building up your website. The answer to all those questions are creating a professional, elegant and unique design, navigation buttons and links which should be very user friendly. Make your visitor addicted to your website so that they visit again and again. With impressive web design, you will be able to increase more traffic to your site.

Most of the successful websites are designed with a perfect combination of images, content, layout, navigational style, unique and impressive color combination. Background of a website speaks a lot about the credibility and quality. Your website background enhance the overall look of the website design. Creating an impressive theme which potrait your business nature, added with effective graphic designs which blend up perfectly with the colors and layout.

If you surf the internet for website templates and designs and compare them with the various online sites, you will notice great difference between the standard templates and custome web designs. To make a mark in viewers mind, it is important to create a custom website design; which stand out of other web templates. Here comes the role of creative website designers, who really work hard on giving a unique look for your business website in order to give you the competetive edge in online business market. Incorporation of effective graphics, layouts, navigational style, fonts, color combination really enhance the over all performance of your website.

How Should your website look?

To create an impact on your visitors, you should design a website with neat and clean fonts, using attractive graphics, balanced color combination, the navigational part should be very user friendly and always remember that the content of your site should be strong enough. Your visitor should be able to browse the content and pages easily. The design should be unique and impressive to gain the intrest of visitor. It is only your online web pressence which promote your business online. So, in order to increase your online customer; you need to make your web presentation extra ordinaray and unique. It is a known fact that successful website designs always made an impact over the audience. Giving creative and professional touch to your website always lead your business pressence way ahead than your competetiors. Your website design should reflect the nature of your business, it help a lot in gaining the trust and faith of your customer.

How to reach the Best Website Designers?

Your website is the complete mirror image of your busniess nature. It should be very appealing and unique to attract your targetted audience. There are professional designers at CG Innovation who understand your business requirements and provide you the best possible solutions. We are always ready to provide the best and creative designs which fullfill there business needs. CG Innovation will help your online web pressence to become more effective with stunning graphics and designs. We are specilized in providing the quality work to our client and that too on committed time frame. The website designers working at CG Innovation are extremely talented and full of innovative ideas. We can give you assurity for the uniqueness and qualitative output. Our moto is to build a relationship with client which last forever. We provide you complete and reliable web solutions that will lead your business ahead of your competitors.


Online Marketing: Ways to generate Traffic

Internet has changed the way we do business today.  Web is spread widely all over the world and become the prime medium of advertisement. It enables us to operate our business online 24 hours a day without a break. You can easily communicate the information globally. Internet is playing a very important role for any organization, be it small, medium or large.  Now, your business totally depends on the marketing of the product and services.  We all know that traditional marketing take hell lot of time and money. On the other hand, online marketing is fast, reliable and wider. Good online marketing strategies can help a lot in increasing the sale of your services. Every business company opts for different marketing techniques according to their goals and plans. Online marketing has become an important factor for every business.

Website plays an integral part for promoting your business online.  There are many technologies for online marketing; you have to analyze the best pipeline which suits your business plan. The services you offered, the product you want to sell should reach to the targeted customer in order to generate revenue. It is very important that your website reach to the people you want to target.  With the help of online marketing, you can easily reach to the customers who are looking for the product and services you offer.

Major online marketing solutions are:

  • Search Engine Optimization: It is one of the best ways to promote your website and increasing traffic towards your website. There are many other expensive medium to generate traffic. But, SEO is more reliable and affordable for a guaranteed result. SEO results 5 times better than other online marketing solutions. It is also best for targeting your customers and generating traffic. You just have to follow the basic SEO rules to gain the fruitful results for your business.
  • Search Engine Marketing: The sale of your product and services depends on the ranking of your website on search engines. Almost every person use Google, Yahoo and Msn to search the product and services; you can sell your services online you’re your website ranking is high. No one prefers to go beyond 3rd page on search engine. There are many Search Engine Marketing techniques available for you to increase the traffic to your website. Proper use of article submission, link building, blog writing can help you a lot to generate traffic.
  • Paid Advertisement: There is one more option of paid advertisement on search engines, which can bring rapid traffic to your site. Search engines like Google, yahoo and Msn offer paid advertisement service to promote the business online. Such advertisement appears on the right side of the normal search result.
  • Email Marketing: Email Marketing is also very essential to bring more traffic. You can send weekly newsletters, promotional offers, gift coupons, through email to all your subscribed customers; in this way, you build a long lasting public relation with people.
  • Online Relations with customers: Build online relations with your customers. Resolve their technical issues at the earliest, fast online response of their queries. Online relations with customers increase their trust and faith on you which further build goodwill of your business.
  • Website Design: Your website plays a very important role for your business. Remember, your website is the online image of what your business is and represent your goals and plans. Your website communicates with your customers. A unique and professional website design makes a place in viewers mind. This leads to bring your customers back to you. Creative graphics, elegant and attractive yet professional layouts always generate traffic for your site.
  • Social Networking: As I always say, social network is becoming a key to success now days. It increases your social interaction with your customers. Helps to know more about your clients, their needs, thoughts, and ideas. Share your thoughts, ideas, and useful information with all your friends or colleagues. There are so many interesting social networking website available to you like face book, Twitter, LinkedIn. Make use of them and expand your network.

Smart marketing techniques can really helps you to increase the traffic to your website. Solutions mentioned above in this article are really helpful for all kind of business firms. Online marketing is the way to give life to your website and business. Investing small money and time can generate huge traffic to your business.


Important Tips for Designers

Personally I found some very useful tips for a website designer and would like to share them with you.  Believe me friend’s, it will be very helpful for your professional growth. Basically, all these points are connected with each other; read them all for a complete solution. Never ending learning and staying updated is very important in the field of Designing: daily new software, websites, tools, techniques come out. It’s up to your skill to take the best use of them for satisfying your clients.

Keep learning

Learning is an ongoing process for a lifetime. No one can become master in every aspect, but what you can do is trying. Do not create limitations for you by targeting one or two directions. You can find tutorials on Photoshop, Dreamweaver, flash etc, easily on Internet. Read those tutorial, try to practical implementation of impressive tutorials. While trying, you will notice that things which were seemed easy are not exactly so easy. Explore new and innovative ideas inside you.


Read articles, blogs and magazines. Read about the stuff related to your area of interest and stay updated. Daily, there are tons of new information has been shared in internet through articles and blogs. Take subscriptions of good magazine or blogs.  Plan your day in such a manner that you take out at least 2 hours for reading such information.  Your knowledge will increase rapidly.

Interesting – Bookmark it

I am sure you can find few things on internet which are really interesting. For example, some articles, images, designs, some inspirational quote. Bookmark all such things. Believe me; all this will be going to help you a lot in a long run.  First, you will be full of innovative ideas and thoughts. Secondly, there will be plenty of material for you to read in your spare time.

Write down your Ideas

Human mind is full creative ideas. All you need to do is just explore yourself.  What happens mostly that ideas come to your mind while walking on the road, sitting idle, travelling and eating. It washed away, by the time you want to implement them.  Write down the ideas on a handy diary or notebook.


Organize your personal life and work in such a manner that everything move on smoothly. Make proper use of folders and subfolders for your filings. Save your data in an organized manner so that you won’t get troubled while finding them. Your useful articles, tutorials, images etc should be kept in separate folders.

Plan your day, schedule your every minute in a useful manner. Daily maintain a “To Do” list for the day. It helps a lot in completion of all your pending works.

Social networking

Share your thoughts, ideas, and useful information with all your friends or colleagues. There are so many interesting social networking website available to you. Make use of them and expand your network. Tell everyone what are you doing, your plans, and your future goals. Interact with others. Social Networking is getting very important factor these days for growth. Know people and try to read their mind and thoughts.

Express yourself

Do not follow the crowd. In designing field, you can grow only with your impressive and unique designs.  Express your ideas, give inputs in meetings. Do not hesitate to express your thoughts. May be your creative idea could make a change.

Sports activity

Do not spend a lot of time on computers. I can understand that in designing field, you need to stay updated, create unique designs, ready and learning needs a lot of time.  But do not risk your health. Take good care of your eyes, spine and neck. Spend some time in sports. Find out your hobbies and area of interest. Spend some nice time with your friends or go out for a crazy drive. This way, you will find that your working capacity has been increased.

Enjoy Life

Enjoy your personal life and take a break from your daily schedule. Life is very beautiful with good friends. Go outside, have fun and spend time with your friends. God gifted you a life to live. In your old age, you will only have memories. I am sure you don’t want to keep a count on the hours you spend on computers.

You always want to cherish your schooling life, your first girlfriend and first kiss. Life is much more beautiful then designing.

Professional website designs: Must avoid these mistakes

It is the time when professionally website designers should concerned over while designing business websites. It is very important to make a mark on World Wide Web; otherwise you could miss huge profits.  An elegant, user friendly and well organized website can lead your business to achieve great success.

Well, you all know the fact that website designing is not all about copy pasting the content. It is the art of playing with the graphic designing software’s in a professional manner. It is a fact that your business website, which is built and marketed in a professional way to bring business to you.  You should avoid these mistakes while designing a professional website.

Mistake No.1: You should avoid the usage of irrelevant title tags. The Meta tags of the web page should only include the relevant keywords.  The keywords should be related to your business.  Always remember that your title tags are highlighted on the very top bar of your browser page.

Mistake No.2: You should avoid filling your webpage with advertisements since it distract and could mislead your clients or users. Still if you want to put the advertisements on your page, then make sure that the ads and banners are taking minimum space and looking decent.  This will help your clients and users to concentrate more on your business and products.

Mistake No.3: Website navigations should be very user friendly. You should keep the navigation simple and decent.  It is better to use the authentic navigations, which everyone is already used to.

Mistake No.4: You should avoid the “Dead links” on your website.  Dead links create a very bad impression on visitor.  Every time when a visitor clicks on a dead link, an error message comes up. This could lead to lose a business. Take out some more time  and manually check your complete website links, weather they are working fine or not.

Mistake No.5: Do not forget to put a search box on your web page. For a website with more than 50 pages, it is necessary to give a search box option. It will help your visitor to move on a desired web page more easily.

Mistake No.6: Do not use PDF page link on your websites.  I agree that the “Why” question is striking up in your mind.  Well, it is a nice idea to give attractive company’s brochure online.  But for a professional website design, it is more preferable to use HTML format pages on your website.

Mistake No.7: Do not use artistic fonts styles, its always better to keep the text simple and readable to the visitor.  Make use of paragraphs and images at the right place.  The elegant look of the over all page is very important to keep your visitor stay on your website.

So friends, try to avoid the above mentioned mistakes while designing your professional website. Remember, First impression is the last impression!!!

Social Media Optimization: The Necessity

Internet Marketing is now known with a new keyword, “Social Media Optimization” that’s what they call it!!!

It is a fact that, all of us love to interact with people. But, unfortunately it is not exactly happening because when someone is speaking, other does not want to listen it.  In this way, INTER always missed up in INTERACTION. Finally, we all land up at a place where there are:

  • More lecture than dialogue
  • Content is generated by producers other than consumers.

Take a break from lectures and do not let the “inter” erased from Interaction. It is the exact time to rely on Social Media Optimization services.

Let us face the truth; Social Media Optimization is not a desire but a necessity. SMO plays a very important role for your company in today’s Internet era. In a precise way, your targeted audience wants:

  • Instant Connectivity.
  • Cost-effective communication
  • Accessibility
  • usability

Yes, all the above mentioned parameters make social media optimization the effective platform of interaction. In the present scenario, when “World Wide Web” is spreading all over. It is the consumer who decide that what exactly he want, how he want, how much he want and most important when he want!

So the only way is let consumer decide what he want and when he want. Just keep socially attached to him, interact with him and more important communicate with him.

Optimizing for the social media

No doubt that Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and YouTube have captured the complete online marketing area.  But, there are some more portals like Myspace, Digg, Reddit, Del.icio.us, Clipmarks, Technorati, FriendFeed, Diigo, SlideShare, Orkut, Yahoo Buzz, Google Bookmarks, Squidoo.

If you think that your job is done with social media optimization after joining the above mentioned web portals, then you are wrong. The very moment you stop social media optimization, your targeted consumers will get less topics to discuss on. You have to keep your consumers involved, maintain the active communication and then you will notice the rewards you are getting. In a simple manner, it is noting but hardcore sales of your product. Consult a professional SMO service provider to transform your online marketing in a very big affair.

Web Design vs. Web Development

Now days, the term Web Designs and Web Development are often used with one meaning in digital media and Advertisement world. However, the web designs and web development are not the same things! Where, web designing involves the patterns, designs, colors of the web pages, on the other hand, development typically involves the functionality of website. Am I confusing you? Please read further, the article is an effort to explain the basic difference between web design and web development.

Any website, related to any kind of category is based on the following basic parameters:

  1. Distinct look and feel – Yes, you read right! The distinct look and feel presents the complete picture of a website, which involves the further basic aspects like navigation buttons, graphics, patterns; color configuration etc. It is the art of a graphic designer, who decides the patterns, colors and font style of the complete layout according to the client’s business requirements.  It is also very important that the complete look and feel must match with the style and nature of business.  Your website represents the complete image of your company online.
  2. Content of the site- Content is the very important factor for any website which includes the complete description of products, services and privacy policies of your company.  Solid and impressive content make a great impression on the reader’s mind, which further helps in generating profits. Any form of written text related to your information, your products and the services comes under the content.
  3. Functionality of website- This is rather one of the most important parameter for any website, which includes all the offered features of website to be used for interaction. It is the science of website programmer that what programming language he used to make the web page dynamic and proper functional interactive program. Further, Flash programming also used to animate the graphics. Languages like Java, .Net Applications, PHP etc are used to create dynamic web pages. At the end, all these coding are integrated in HTML pages for the general user.
  4. Usability- Usability is the most significant factor for any website. It simply means viewing the website from a user’s point of view.  Usability testing includes the certification of following things:
  • Does the look and feel of website portrait the nature and style of business?
  • Does the navigation buttons are easy user friendly.  Also, lead to respective pages?
  • Does the website loads fast on browsers?
  • Does all the programming applications are working properly?

Now, the very big question arises here! Can a single person perform all the actions? The answer is NO. It is definitely a team work for all the web designers and web developers. Where, web designer handles the aspects like patterns, font styles, distinct look and feel, content of the website and web developer take special care about the proper functionality, programming and testing the usability of website.

Therefore, professional web designers and web developers are two different individuals who work hand in hand to create an impressive website.

Importance of Professional Web Designs

Whatever is the size of your business, weather it is on small scale or large scale. When it comes about the online business, it is almost impossible to avoid the significance of Internet presence. To increase the business, it is very important to attract visitors and make them interested and this can only be done through attractive and elegant website presence. However, the importance of an elegant web design is not familiar to people. Where the fact is, with the help of elegant and nice web designs you can actually increase your business with 40% more business as compared to an average website design.

Let us discuss more on how an average website design is differ from good website designs!

  • Color configuration & well balanced patterns: These days, websites are much more than online catalogues. It plays a very important role of virtual sales person which creates your brand identity on the Internet world wide. The website designs represents your business, the kind of colors, shapes and patterns you use to enhance your website creates the first impression of the product and services you offers. The fact is you can increase the traffic your website, but dull colors, bad patterns can reduce all your efforts to drive the business and clients.
  • Logo and Brand Recognition: Always remember the important point that your company logo helps your clients to remember you, which can impact your business. However, it is an art to represent your brand online; you cannot place just anything on your web pages. Professional experts in website designing have the knowledge to know your business needs better and represents your brand online in an elegant way.
  • Action buttons: Now, after creating an elegant design and pattern, next step is to work on Action Buttons. When a user logon to your website, you would prefer him to take some actions. After visiting your website, if the user just logout from your webpage that means you are going to loose your business. Where, the fact is when a user visits your website, there should be a point when his interest rise up and this is the exact time to use action buttons. The professional web designers have the knowledge that where to place the action buttons or your contact information’s so that you never lose the business opportunity.

An elegant and good web design is all about getting the above mentioned factors together. Which is very important to make your site looks more attractive and also fulfill your business needs. Professional and attractive web design is a key to expand your business online and increase the business.  Nice headers, neat and clean title, user friendly patterns helps you a lot to expand your business online.



We work closely with you to transform your communication tools into real business advantages. Our goal is to increase your sales and increase the visibility of your business.