CG Innovation is a multimedia company which provides quality work in 3D animation, 3D Walkthrough, 3D Architecture designs to independent producers, agencies and corporate clients. CG Innovation is working on a wide scale of projects which includes animated series, 3D Walkthrough, 3D Architecture work, short films, commercials and web design.

CG Innovation brings media expertise to your projects. We can help you by providing a wide range of production services which includes storyboarding, production and editing, graphics designing, animation, web programming and web design. We also provide a complete range of production services includes Pre-Production, Production and Post Production.

3D Animation in India

3D computer generated graphics is the work of art which use three-dimensional representation of geometric data which is stored in the computer for rendering 2D images. later such images are displayed in real time viewing.

Now a days, 3D Animation is in great demand in the following sectors:

  • Architecture Industry.
  • Medical Studies.
  • Auto Engineering.
  • Gaming Industry.
  • Advertisement Media.
  • Movies and Entertainment.

At CG Innovation, we have complete setup of powerful workstations and advanced Hi-Tech machines which are essential to create hi resolution quality renders. The creative artists at CG Innovation understands the market scenario and provides you the best suitable ideas.

Character Modeling

In 3D Animation Industry, 3D modeling is the process of designing a mathematical calculation of any 3D surface of the object with the help of specialized software like 3DS Max, Maya or ZBrush. The final product is called 3D model. 3D Model can be displayed as a 2D graphical image with the help of advanced rendering techniques. Also, the model can be physically created with the help of 3D Printing devices.

Layout and Animation

The objects must be places in a scene before they are finally rendered. Animation refers to bringing life into a static object i.e., how it makes movements and deforms within the specified timeline. The most popular methods includes keyframing, inverse kinematics, and motion capture, though many of these techniques are used with each other.

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16th April, 2013
Launched Event Management website
We are proud to announce the launch of flash based creative website for a leading event management company "DreamzsDecor".
06 April, 2013
CG Innovation relocating Office
Office renovation work is in progress and we are relocating shortly to our new premises.
15th March, 2013
E-Commerce Portal
CG Innovation has launched a fully functional E-Commerce website www.whysoserious.co.in. Shop more online with unique and innovative products.